4 Tips For Buying The Best Wedding Shoes


So, you have chosen your dream wedding gown. Now what? As a bride, you need to take a closer look at all the ensembles from the veil to the shoes; otherwise, your look won’t be complete.

After the dress, the shoes are the most important part of your attire that you can focus on. Choosing a pair of shoes can be as difficult as choosing a wedding dress. Here are some tips that can help you to buy the best wedding shoes for your wedding.

Set a budget

Like your wedding dress, wedding shoes can also be expensive if you buy them from a designer or boutique shop. So, you should set up a budget so that you can decide where to buy the shoes. There are shops where you can find shoes in the mid or lower range as well.

It should complement your dress

Your shoes must compliment your wedding dress. If you are wearing a short length dress, then the shoes must make a statement as they will be visible. You can select a pointed pump shoe, high heels or something very stylish.

You should choose a colour and fabric that goes with your dress. For example, if your dress has lace, then you should choose shoes with a similar pattern or fabric. If you choose something shiny or something with stones or other embellishments, then the shoes may look out of place.

Consider the wedding venue

You must consider the venue of your wedding before buying your shoes. If your wedding takes place outdoors, then you should go for something flatter or less pointed because you might have to walk on grass or pebbles.

If your wedding is indoors then you can choose anything you want and feel comfortable walking in as well.

Comfort level

You may have to wear the shoes for a long time because after the ceremony you will have to spend time with your guests at the reception. So, the shoes must be comfortable; otherwise, you won’t feel and look good. So, buy something you are comfortable wearing.

You should keep up with the latest fashion trends in shoes so that you don’t look out of place. Even if you are buying shoes for any special occasion or formal event, you should think about your personality, dress, and comfort when choosing the shoes.

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